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Thinking Over 60 Is Not The Best Age To Be For Oklahoma Seniors?

Here’s a great article we’d like to share about how being over 60 could be the best ever for Oklahoma Seniors!

Over 60 The Best Years

Using interviews with men and women across Britain, Guardian reporter Amelia Hill discovered a common theme for the article: Even if you don’t make a specific plan for what you will do in retirement, you are likely to be happy in whatever you choose. She notes the choice is personal and the source of joy is far-reaching, from volunteering to playing with grandchildren to swimming daily in the ocean.

Research about happiness and aging shows that older adults generally are happier than their younger counterparts, and retirement is likely to improve your happiness and health. Moreover, that effect is immediate and long-lasting.

The Guardian interviewed Caroline Lodge, co-author of the book The New Age of Ageing: How Society Needs to Change, which followed more than 50 people age 50 to 90.

“Most of our interviewees are amazed by the fact that they are enjoying life and that they feel young and normal, sometimes into their 90s,” Lodge told The Guardian.

Much of this joie de vivre seems to come from something that many of us have enjoyed as we’ve grown older: A sense of self-confidence based on our years of experience.

“It’s the loss of angst about what people think of you: the size of your bum or whether others are judging you correctly. It’s not an arrogance, but you know who you are when you’re older and all those roles you played to fit in when you were younger are irrelevant,” said 69-year-old Monica Hartwell in The Guardian. “That makes one more courageous.”

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