Oklahoma Seniors need to be aware of the cumulative damage that UV rays cause to their skin. You skin needs to be cared for and maintained for good health and especially to minimize the occurrence of skin cancer. Oklahoma Senior health is something that requires your attention!
Oklahoma Senior Health Sun Damage
We all know that sunscreen has been widely recommended for reducing sun damage to the skin, but are there any other tactics you can use to avoid sun damage?
Here are a few tips that we picked up from Prevention Magazine and it would pay to take note of their recommendations.

Oklahoma Senior Health Tips

  • Heliocare Supplements – It’s not exactly a “sunscreen pill,” but taking a supplement called Heliocare (Buy now: $23, amazon.com) before heading to the beach might reduce your skin’s reactions to UVB rays (the kind that make you burn). It contains polypodium leucotomos extract (PLE)—a substance from fern trees—and there’s some decent research to back it up, says Friedman. It seems to work by helping the DNA in your skin resist the kinds of sun damage-triggered changes that allow cancerous cells to form.
  • Stay Away from Windows When Sitting for Long Periods of Time – Windows in your home and car don’t necessarily block UV light like you might think. To protect yourself, you don’t have to hole up in a dark basement; just don’t lounge in direct light shining through your windows or skylights in the middle of the day. And if you drive all the time, consider a UV filter for your driver’s-side window. It can help.
  • Love a Sip of Wine? Great, But Go Easy – Studies have found that every daily drink a person swallows increases the risk of melanoma by 14 percent, and white wine in particular seemed to be troublesome. The authors believe that alcohol may somehow interfere with the DNA-repair process in your skin.
  • Love Coffee? Great! Drink More! – Several studies have linked daily coffee consumption with lower rates of non-melanoma skin cancer. And the more of the stuff a woman drinks, the more her skin cancer risks fall, per a 2007 study in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention. The authors say caffeine may block the kind of “DNA synthesis and cell division” that leads to skin cancer development.
  • Check Out B3 Vitamins – Nicotinamide, a rarer form of B3, seems to work by bolstering DNA repair after sun damage, and it’s generally safe. But talk to your doctor before taking this (or any) supplement to make sure it’s OK for you to try.
Hope these tips are of value to you. Oklahoma senior health is important and the more you take charge of your own health and habits, the better your chances for living healthy in your ‘Golden Years’!
Originally Published at Prevention Magazine
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