How to Make Time to Walk More Each Day at Laurel Springs Mustang.
Laurel Springs Health Tips!

We are all busy nowadays, so how does one find the time to walk every day? It really isn’t that hard. For most people, it requires committing a little more time here and there out of each day. That’s why we are publishing Laurel Springs health tips!

Many people that should be exercising don’t because they believe they have to do it in one chunk of time; that is not true. While we should each get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, it can be done in small chunks of time throughout the day and still reap the same benefit.

At Laurel Springs Retirement, not only do we want to encourage you to start walking, but we also are big supporters of exercise using the facilities and equipment we provide to you here in our community! Whether you decide to stroll our beautifully landscaped grounds and walking trails or take advantage of our climate protected clubhouse exercise options, we welcome you getting into the Laurel Springs health initiatives.

Laurel Springs Health Tips

But keeping track of small chunks of time spent each day walking can be trying and most people will soon give up. Instead, let technology keep track of it for you in the form of steps walked.

Wear a pedometer or accelerometer and strive to walk 10,000 steps each day. Before you dismiss that goal as impossible, try it. You are already racking up more steps walking each day than you realize. By creatively adding in some of these opportunities to your workday, you’ll soon reach your daily goal.

Workday and Lifestyle Walking Opportunities at Laurel Springs

There are many ways you can get in some extra steps while going to or from work, or while at work or home here at Laurel Springs Mustang. Here are some Laurel Springs Health Tips for you:

  • Instead of finding a parking spot close to your workplace or home, park at the far end of the lot and walk in the rest of the way. It only takes a few extra minutes each way and the steps add to your daily goal.
  • If you take public transportation, get off a stop or two before the closest stop to your work and walk the rest of the way.
  • Once you are at your workplace, take the stairs instead of the elevator to your office or at least for a few floors.
  • As a healthy alternative to emailing a coworker in your same building, get out of your chair and walk over to their desk.
  • If you have to go to a different floor for lunch, walk there and back.
  • Instead of eating a big lunch in the cafeteria, bring a healthy lunch to work. Strap on your walking shoes and go outside for a walk. Just allow yourself enough time to get back, cool down and eat.

By incorporating a few of these tips into your workday, you will most likely be at goal and you added very little extra time to your workday or day to day personal activities.

As a final note, keep track of the number of steps walked each day. On days when you don’t meet goal, figure out what you can change so that the next time you reach your daily goal. It could be walking further, faster or seeking out a new step opportunity. Use a FitBit or a smartphone app or accessory to help you keep track of progress.

Remember that here at Laurel Springs Mustang, our lovely gated community is focused on providing you the best in social, physical and emotional health-enhancing opportunities for you to live your best years ever! Enjoy reading our Laurel Springs health tips and then schedule a tour of our active adult community!

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