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You’ve made the decision to take advantage of the best in active adult senior living at our Laurel Springs 55+ gated community! Now you’ve got to ensure that you maintain the best emotional and physical health to enjoy your ‘Golden Years’ living at Mustang Oklahoma’s Senior Living community of Laurel Springs Retirement.
What decisions are you going to commit to and make Laurel Springs your home for your best years ever?
Have you considered utilizing the extremely high walkability advantages of our Laurel Springs independent living community? Walking may just be the low impact and high cardio health regimen that you’ve been looking for in maintaining top-notch senior living health!
When you start any project, especially a walking routine, you need to measure your progress in order to quantify your health improvement. Walk for enjoyment, of course, but do take a few extra steps to ensure that you are able to measure an improvement in your physical health.

How to Track Your Senior Walking Fitness Progress

While you can keep track of your walking time by manually writing down the minutes walked in a journal, it’s a difficult way to track your walking fitness plan if you exercise throughout the day. Instead, use technology to track steps walked instead of time spent exercising. There are several different ways to track steps walked:

 Senior Living Technology – Use These to Measure Your Progress

Accelerometers to track Senior Walking Heath

An accelerometer differs from a pedometer in that it measures a mechanical motion (walking) against a frame of reference and converts it into an electronic signal outputted as steps taken, among the other data collected, such as calories burned and distance walked; one of the leaders in this wearable technology is FitBit. Their products can also synch up with an app loaded on your computer, so you have an online journal of your activity.

Pedometers to track Senior Walking Health

Pedometers differ from accelerometers in the way they measure steps. They count the number of strides taken over time, meaning you have to input the length of your stride in order for them to accurately measure the number of steps taken. While not as accurate as an accelerometer, they are less expensive and you usually have to manually track your progress.

Online journals to track Senior Walking Health

Applications and programs to track your walking fitness plan progress comes in both free and paid versions. One free program from the website Spark People makes it easy to track nutrition, fitness, and weight among numerous other things. For a paid program, try Fitness Journal. For $3.95 per month, you can track the same information, plus a lot more, including when your walking shoes need replacing. It also allows you to journal your progress and creates various charts and graphs making it easy to see your progress. For a whole list of online tracking options, search

Senior Health Benefits of Walking

Aside from extending your life, walking has a host of other benefits that include increased creativity and boosting overall brain health. The Mayo Clinic reported that walking on the regular can also prevent things like heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. In addition, it strengthens muscles and bones and improves your mood, balance, and coordination.

Laurel Springs Retirement is Built for Senior Living Health

A Retirement Neighborhood for Active Adults Age 55+

Our community is full of exercise opportunities. Yes, we love to sponsor Happy Hours, Pot Luck Dinners, Fun and Games, but your long term health is important and we take it seriously. That’s why we provide you the best in gym and outdoor exercise opportunities.

Laurel Springs Retirement is the Best in Senior Living in Mustang Oklahoma

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him”. – Buddha

Laurel Springs Retirement
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Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available at Laurel Springs Retirement in Mustang, Oklahoma! Our premier active adult communities feature the best amenities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living and Oklahoma retirement are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs RetirementGrace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today! 

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😍We love the reactions we get when our fans and friends come to Laurel Springs for a tour. Expecting standard ‘apartment’ style retirement housing, they can’t believe the quality and expansive design of our Ron Walters 55+ community homes!
Are you looking to downsize but need parking for two vehicles? Maybe want a dedicated guest parking? This two bedroom home is a popular choice with nearly 1200 square feet and a double master layout. The cozy living room has a gas fireplace and the bay window dining offers a quaint atmosphere. Homes with double parking are hard to come by, call today to schedule a tour or for more information at 405-265-3301. Stacy will be happy to schedule a tour for you!

Amenities at Laurel Springs Mustang include:
Concierge Services
100% Maintenance Free including Lawn Care
Community Clubhouse
Above Ground Safe Room
Walking Trails
Outdoor Living Spaces
Water Views
Lifestyle activities
Aerobic Pool
Hot tub and more!

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