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Vitamin D | Are you getting enough?

Are You Getting the Amount of Vitamin D That You Need?

At Laurel Springs Retirement, we want you to enjoy your Golden Years and retirement to the fullest. Taking good care of our bodies and our emotional health is imperative to having a top quality retirement lifestyle.

Are you familiar with the importance of having good quality Vitamin D in your body?

Many people have heard about the need for Vitamin D from media outlets, television and health care provider information, but it’s important to ensure that you personally understand how the amount and quality of the right kind of Vitamin D can affect your life and health.

Did you know that Vitamin D is important for building and maintaining strong bones and body structure? As we age, we all know that there is a risk for osteoporosis to affect our health and bones. We all want to do the best we can to maintain our posture, health, and physical vitality.

So how can Vitamin D help us in maintaining the best in physical health and well-being?

Vitamin D is known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ because your body can manufacture it from exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D functions as a hormone which happens when your body absorbs the Vitamin D from sunlight exposure. It’s also a ‘fat-soluble’ substance so that body can only absorb it orally when you consume it with foods that have some fat in them like, chicken, avocado, and even peanut butter!

It’s important to understand that if you have trouble absorbing the fat in foods, you could be disposed to having a Vitamin D deficiency and that would not be a good thing as you age.

Senior Health and Vitamin D

So how do you get enough Vitamin D?

Just by counting on your diet, you may come up short as referenced above if your ability to absorb fats is compromised in any way. You may have to increase your exposure to sunlight and explore the idea of taking quality supplements to achieve your optimum Vitamin D fulfillment.

Remember that Vitamin D has effects on our immune systems, combating inflammation and encouraging good cell growth, so it will pay to understand and maintain quality Vitamin D consumption.

Understanding that there is more than one kind of Vitamin D will help you make smart choices in your health maintenance

There are actually two forms of Vitamin D, Vitamin D2, and Vitamin D3. If you get outside much, you are manufacturing Vitamin D3 as it’s the natural form you make on your own.

Ask your health care professional to determine your own personal needs for Vitamin D. Vitamin D2 is less effective than the natural Vitamin D3, but both are good hedges against any kind of deficiency in this important vitamin.
Focus on getting at least 600 IU of Vitamin D on a daily basis. You’ll want to ensure a base level of consumption to maintain bone health!

Always consult with your healthcare professional on what is best for you when it comes to any kind of supplement and intake of any amount of a vitamin or herb supplement.

Let’s all keep our bodies in prime condition in order to enjoy our prime time retirement lifestyle at Laurel Springs Retirement!

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Pay Attention to Your Health | Oklahoma Retirement

Winter Cold, Flu and Coughing Got Your Concerned?

It’s amazing how much the weather changes in Oklahoma. We’ve seen bright and sunny days with relatively mild temperatures and weather and then days of cold, wind, ice and light snow! Will Rogers was right when he said that if you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait for a few and it will change.

We’ve found a great article from our friends at AARP and wanted to share it. It pays to pay attention to your health symptoms and coughing could be a harbinger of a health issue you might want to discuss with your healthcare provider.

A persistent cough could mean something more serious and may need a visit to the doctor.

When Steve Sonntag started coughing in November 2000, he thought it was no big deal — probably a cold he’d picked up at the nursing home while visiting his mother, Natalie, who was 87. The Stockton, California, teacher was 55 at the time, active and — other than a cough — in good health.

The cough was constant, but he ignored it, assuming it would clear up on its own. As the winter wore on, though, it felt worse in his chest. When he couldn’t catch his breath and his temperature shot up to 106 degrees, he finally went to the doctor. A CT scan revealed viral pneumonia and fluid buildup around Sonntag’s heart, and he was admitted to the hospital — “STAT,” written in red. The next day, a surgeon made an incision in his chest and inserted a tube to remove 12 ounces of fluid.

Sonntag spent two days in the intensive care unit and 21 more in the hospital after he also developed a blood clot in his leg. “I nearly died,” he says. The lesson? “I should have gone to the doctor a lot earlier,” Sonntag, now 73, admits.

Most of us come down with some kind of a cough every winter, and over the years we’ve learned to live with this. But a cough that lasts more than two weeks — or is accompanied by a high fever, shortness of breath, chest pain or coughing up blood — needs prompt attention, particularly during the winter months, when influenza is rampant. With age, our immune defenses weaken and subtle physiological changes in our lungs make us more susceptible to illnesses.




Key Takeaways?
There are three ways to prevent someone else’s cough from ‘going viral.’

1. Get vaccinated

Every year, get a flu shot. If you are 65 or older, you ideally want the high-dose vaccine.

2. Wash your hands

Lather up or use alcohol-based sanitizer gel after shaking hands or opening doors in public.

3. Skip that smoke

Just one cigarette paralyzes the cilia in your lungs for up to 24 hours, increasing your risk.


Source: AARP.ORG

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Famous February Happy Birthdays | Oklahoma Retirement News

Famous February Birthdays

Oklahoma Retirement Living

Hope you all are enjoying a great February in 2018! Let’s take note of some Happy Birthdays that are happening. Some of the birthdays reveal some people getting to an age we would never have believed when we were younger. As we age, let’s all be grateful that we are still vertical and able to enjoy living!

Feb. 2: Ina Garten, 70

The cookbook author and host of the Food Network’s Barefoot Contessa since 2002 recently shared some tasty insights about her culinary preferences with NBC’s Today show. Her choice for music while cooking? Taylor Swift. Her pick for the last meal? Hot dog and fries. The one dish she will never make? Cassoulet. Her fave fast-food joint? California’s In-N-Out burger.

Feb. 4: Alice Cooper, 70

This godfather of shock rock’s raspy vocals propelled such ’70s anthems as “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out.” Cooper (born Vincent Furnier) released his 27th studio album, Paranormal, last year and has tour dates in March. You can also catch Cooper as King Herod on NBC’s three-hour Jesus Christ Superstar Live! in concert alongside John Legend on Easter Sunday, April 1.

Feb. 12: Judy Blume, 80

With 85 million copies sold, Blume’s books for children and teens have been beloved for decades for their frank and often humorous approach to real-life issues, including racism (Iggie’s House), puberty (Are YouThere God? It’s Me, Margaret) and bullying (Blubber). As she has said, “I wanted to write what I remembered to be true.” Her latest novel, 2015’s In the Unlikely Event, was aimed at adults.

Feb. 12: Josh Brolin, 50

The actor, nominated for an Oscar for his role as a politician turned assassin in 2008’s Milk, has come a long way since his movie debut in 1985’s The Goonies. Lately, Brolin has been lured into the world of superhero franchises. This summer he reprises his motion-capture role as baddie Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and makes his first appearance as mutant antihero Cable in Deadpool 2.

Feb. 16: Ice-T, 60

This influential artist, who started life as Tracy Lauren Marrow, helped define gangsta rap with his 1991 album O.G. Original Gangster and courted controversy with his 1992 song “Cop Killer.” Like many rappers, Ice-T crossed over into acting roles in films (New Jack City, Ricochet) and has played Detective Odafin Tutuola on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for the past 18 seasons.

We wish them all a Happy Birthday and we pray for all of us to have many more to come!


Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available at Laurel Springs Retirement in Mustang, Oklahoma! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs Retirement, Grace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!

Oklahoma Retirement | Health Tips to Enjoy It

Living your Oklahoma retirement at Laurel Springs Retirement can be a blessing, but it’s imperative that we all make sure to maximize our ability to enjoy that blessing by staying healthy and taking care of ourselves. Our quality time enjoying our retirement depends on all of us taking care of our physical health.

Physical health helps you enjoy a great attitude, friendships, and activities like we have at Laurel Springs Retirement. Don’t risk jeopardizing your health and emotional well-being by not paying attention to some simple tips we found from our friends at AARP magazine!

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What Are The Best Tips to Maintain Physical Health in Retirement?

Smoking, overeating, and drinking are among the seven deadly sins for your heart.

It’s easy to spot a heart-health fanatic. She’s the one jogging down the side of the road, wearing tight pants and a heart monitor, then slipping into House of Kale for a superfood infusion. But you don’t need to be the neighborhood greyhound or a health food zealot to dramatically slash your risk of heart attack and stroke. You just need to stop making a few common blunders that elevate your risk of heart disease, says Clyde W. Yancy, chief of cardiology at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. The sooner you make a change, the faster you can reverse existing damage or reduce your risk.

That’s why AARP and the American Heart Association (AHA) are working together to give you simple fixes you can do today to start lowering your risk — dramatically. During February — aka American Heart Month — and all year round, avoid committing these blunders. You’ll set yourself, and your heart, on a healthy new path.

Muscle loss as you age is a serious problem, and your heart is the most important muscle of all, says sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, author of The Exercise Cure.

The AHA recommends 150 minutes a week of exercise, or 30 minutes a day at least five days a week. A 2017 study showed that people with stable coronary heart disease who increased their habitual physical activity reduced their mortality rate. The greatest benefits were seen in the most sedentary people who finally started moving regularly.

“This can be so simple,” Metzl says. “Some people hate the word ‘exercise.’ That’s fine. Just move. Get up and get your heart pumping. It won’t care if you’re at the gym or not.” A large-scale study last year confirmed that any physical activity that gets you breathing hard, whether it’s for recreation or not, delivers the same benefits.

Occasional stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But chronic stress can put your health at risk. One result: elevated blood pressure. Plus, according to a 2017 study of more than 2,500 people age 54 and older, chronic stress is associated with obesity.

Antistress techniques abound: Exercise, meditation, yoga, tai chi, enjoying nature and even creative hobbies can all help dial down your stress reaction. But one key to understanding stress is that, in the end, it’s how you react to it that makes all the difference. From that point of view, a big part of the remedy is just to ask, “Why am I so stressed about this?”

Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available in Oklahoma at Laurel Springs Retirement! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs Retirement, Grace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!



The Right Way to Start Staying Young | Oklahoma Retirement Living

The Right Water To Start Staying Young

staying young in retirement

You’ve made the decision to retire and enjoy life! Congratulations for doing that and moving into one of Oklahoma’s most innovative retirement communities! Now you need to focus on staying young to enjoy it!

Now you want to preserve and enhance your health and make sure that aging and retirement will be a pleasant experience for you. Let’s explore some tips on making sure you keep your appearance in the best condition.

Treating your skin and body right by taking care of your health is important no matter what your age, but it’s especially important when you start living a life of retirement.

Keep Your Skin in Good Condition is Key to Staying Young

A dry skin is one of the signs of an aging body. As we get old, skin loses sebum, and in turn, loses moisture. Drinking plenty of water is imperative for someone who wants to slow down the signs of aging such as dry skin. Any doctor would say we have to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. But most of them did not mention what kind of water we should drink. And I guess we ought to know.

What does water do to help you in staying young?

Water cleanses our body. It promotes the efficiency of blood circulation to help expel the toxins out of the body. Water aids the body in swilling out waste from particular cells, keeping them in a good state. While it carries away toxins from the skin, water also transports necessary vitamins and minerals into individual cells. Keep your fluids topped off!

Staying young means you need to rehydrate skin frequently

Water comprises 70% of our body. Skin, being the largest organ, has a lot of water in it. But the body consumes and expels lots of water in a day. Because of this, our skin needs regular rehydration. The most powerful moisturizers are not enough to take the place of the element that comprises our body the most. Not enough rehydration causes the skin to look dry, tough, and old. Remember to rehydrate your skin often!

Staying Young Beats Getting Old

We get older since we are not flushing out of all the generated wastes within our body allowing these toxins and impurities to mount up within our body. Excessive toxins and waster put a hardship on our minds and bodies. For our body to operate and to maintain its temperature, we consume nutrients inside our cells. The chief ingredients of all foods, real or junk, plant or animal, alkaline or acid, costly or not, are proteins, fats or carbohydrates. And these are nothing but the amalgamations of these elements: oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen.

After undergoing the digestive and circulatory processes, these nutrients will be oxidized at the cellular level. After this, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen will all turn into organic acids: fatty acids, ammonia, uric acids, etc.

These acidic rubbishes are expelled in the form of urine or sweat after having undergone some processes in the blood. Regrettably, as a result of our lifestyles (i.e., too much stress, not getting enough sleep, not enough workout, too much ingestion, smoking, etc.), the body can’t rinse out all those acidic wastes produced in our body. These waste products build up in an area in our body. What’s worse is that we don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables which are alkaline foods. We get old by this process which is definitely not a prescription for staying young!

The Right Water for Staying Young and Healthy

To reverse aging caused by acidic waste products, we should drink alkaline water. Acid-free alkaline water or micro-water is created by cleaning tap water (typically with a pH of 7) and letting it go through an electroanalysis chamber. Alkaline and acid minerals found in a tap water is split b a device called water ionizer. The system would release water with a pH of 9 (alkaline) and another set with a pH of 5 (acidic).

Drinking alkaline water is one of the most helpful and trouble-free ways to flush toxins and delay the process of aging. Its effectively lies in the fact that it penetrates deeper than ordinary water. There, it dissolves and transports wastes out of the body. Coconut water is great for staying young and vital!

Alkaline water is more than twice as effective as ordinary tap water. In fact, the effectivity of three glasses of alkaline water is greater than six glasses of a regular one. With this alkaline water, 4 glasses are enough to suffice your daily water need, and delay aging, in turn.

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Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Under Control

Keep Life and Your Kitchen Simple

Even if you aren’t downsizing as a senior, simplifying certain rooms in your home can make your life a lot easier. One room that tends to collect clutter and far too many items of no use is our kitchen. After a lifetime of cooking meals, we usually have too many dishes, too many pots and pans and just too much of everything.

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Deciding what to keep and what to dispose of can be difficult but when making your choices, remember to ask yourself if you really use each item or is it just taking up space. While some items in your kitchen are there because you just love the way they look, others are there because we think we may need them someday.

What makes your life easier?

Small appliances, in particular, are supposed to help us save time but when they take ages to put together or to clean they really aren’t helping us. Which items do you use the most that actually are timesavers? Quite often it comes down to a favorite paring knife, your microwave, and your slow cooker. Do you have multiples of the same item? How many do you really use? Get rid of the rest, they’re just taking up space.

How much do you entertain?

As we grow older, many of us have switched to simple entertaining. Rather than dinner parties or lots of guests, we usually just have family and close friends over for meals. Decide just how many wine glasses and serving trays you really need. Do you still use that china that’s filling your china cabinet? Maybe it’s time to pass it on to someone else in your family who could really use it.

Once you’ve decided to simplify your kitchen and just keep what you use and love, you’ll find it much easier to make meals. Rather than digging through cupboards and drawers or having cabinets stuffed with items that are no longer used, the space in your kitchen can hold the things you really appreciate.

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Enjoy the Holidays, but Keep the Pounds Off!

Have you been enjoying the Holidays? Perhaps you are not quite enjoying the extra pounds that Holiday celebrations and libations are adding to your circumference? Here at Laurel Springs Retirement, we want to share a few tips to help you enjoy the Holidays, but still enjoy having tip top health!

By all means, enjoy the Holidays, but eat right to keep the pounds off!

Take note of a few tips that will allow you to still enjoy the Holidays, but taper off on foods and portions that could lead to a heavier 2018 for you.

Eat Right – Live a Great Life – Enjoy the Holidays

If you are starting off with a Holiday meal, consider beginning your meal with soup. Soup is a food that is guaranteed to make you feel full before you actually begin the main course. Feeling full can also help you avoid the snack or dessert tray. Control the urges to overeat at Christmastime! A broth-based soup is best for this. It would not save you much in caloric intake to make a meal of a cream based soup.
Do you enjoy wine? Have you ever considered the difference in the sizes of wine glasses, whether it’s white wine, red wine or champagne?
“Red wine drinkers tend to consume more wine due to the serving size of a red wine glass”
There have been studies (yes, people have actually made studies of wine glasses and amount of wine consumed in them) that show that red wine drinkers will end up drinking more wine due to the large size of red wine glasses. I’m sure you’ve also heard that eating while standing is a prescription for overeating. Well, guess what? Same goes for standing and drinking. Walking around the room conversing and drinking a glass of wine will offer more opportunity to consume more wine. As fun as that may be, you’ll want to take note of the fact that sitting and drinking wine is safer. Less fall danger and less wine consumed, overall.
“The more you are walking and talking, the less you’ll imperil yourself to eat”
Remember to socialize, a lot! It’s been shown that the more distracted you are from the appetizer and food table, you’ll enjoy your company more and eat less. By all means, mill around and enjoy your company and use conversation to keep you away from overindulgence at the food table. Just don’t do it with a glass of wine in your hands.
Are you going to office or group events and the celebrations involve giving gifts? Have you ever gotten the huge food basket full of chocolate and highly processed foods and candy? Consider the ever popular ‘regift’ opportunity during the Holidays. You’ll have something nice to give to someone skinny who will enjoy the gift and you’ll save some pounds and your health over the Holidays.
Be careful on the choice of cocktails.
Did you ever notice that the longer the name of the cocktail, the more calories it seems to contain? Life may not be fair and that goes double for cocktails. Hot buttered rum has a whopping 420 calories and 17 grams of fat, while a 4-ounce glass of Champagne is only 85 calories, less than the usual servings of other wines or beer.
Keep an eye out for the colorful dishes on that Holiday party table. Focus on salads and vegetables and try to maximize the consumption of healthier alternatives to Holidays treats and foods.
It’s the Holidays and you are enjoying the present and all the wonderful things about friends and family this time of year. But if you appreciate that a new year is coming and you focus on the future, you’ll be more likely to eat better. Knowing that the new year brings chances for bliss and sorrow, you’ll focus on at least eating more of a healthy fare to make the chances of bliss possible in the upcoming year.
Keep your eyes open for opportunities to eat better and you and your family will be much more likely to be celebrating more Happy Holidays and good times in the future.

Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available in Oklahoma! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs RetirementGrace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!

Senior Aging and Delaying the Clock

Senior Aging
Where To Go To Delay The Aging Clock

Senior Aging


We don’t actually have to mention it, but for many who are concerned about senior aging, staying young is almost an obsession. But who really cares about their appearance? Well, if you’ve seen the research on healthy aging, you’ll agree that paying attention to one’s appearance has positive effects not only your attitude and mindset but also your physical health. These are the avenues where your focus on good health and appearance can best benefit you.

First Stop to Stop the Senior Aging Clock: Hair Salon

Alright, we all know that this establishment is a must-stop to look younger for those concerned about senior aging. But if it happens that you will go here, would you know what to instruct the stylist for you to look younger? If you’re one of our Golden Guys, do you know what to ask for to complement your looks?

Some quick tips! Ladies, tell your favorite hair artist to give you a shorter do. A longer hairstyle for an experienced, mature lady would more or less make you look like a bit dated.  Trimming the length to ‘on the shoulder’ or shorter boosts up one’s vitality. This takes the attention away from an aging face. You may also have some bangs and layers. Bangs brushed to the side softens the wrinkles on the forehead. Layers make hair more lively and youthful. Go for it!

Guys, tell your stylist to avoid hair coloring and dye. You don’t need to pretend you have dark hair, just go with the soft gray and distinguished look.

Ladies, feel free to explore hair color! Try telling your hair stylist to add some colors to your crown of glory. This increases the volume of the thinning hair brought about by hormonal changes. Not to mention, this also covers up gray hair preventing it from looking ashy.

Hairstylists also recommend soft, tender brushes after a shower of emollient shampoo to give bulk to the thinning hair. Be open with your hair stylist professional and establish your wants and desires, but be open to objective feedback from your hair pro.

Next stop to Stop the Senior Aging Clock: Derma’s Face Place

Yes, you can look good by yourself and use your own initiative, but going to the skin specialist once in a while spells a huge difference. Take the celebrities for an example. They keep a full crew of skin pros on call for keeping their faces in full bloom.

Dermatologists give benefits that our bare hands alone can’t bring to fruition. Dermatologists may apply some cosmetics like alpha hydroxy acid. This is used to reduce the lines and folds on the face, as a chemical peel, and enhances the skin’s overall look and feel.  When used as a chemical peel, dermatologists explain that alpha hydroxy acids can change the pH level of the skin to spawn collagen that enhances tonicity of the skin. Collagen, as we age, diminishes in itself, developing wrinkles and pores. Use modern science and health professionals if this is important to you.

Dermatologists may also recommend topical treatments and broad-spectrum sun block lotion that would prevent you from sun exposure. Too much revealing of skin to sunlight causes the largest percentage of sagging, dark spots, and fine lines. We do not notice this effect because it’s not an instantaneous one. Best topical prevention includes those that have antioxidants and retinol. Photo-aging can be treated to some extent and you would be wise to consult your dermatologist or health care professional for details.

Third stop to Stop the Senior Aging Clock: The Spa

From massage to facials to a Jacuzzi, a treatment spa is absolutely a perfect haven for those who’d like to stay young. Visiting it can be the most enjoyable trip ever.

A worthwhile massage provides comforting relaxation and treatment for more specific physical problems. It can also relieve stress and improve the blood supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It can also aid in the recovery of some muscular problems. And at least in part, an hour of it can compensate for lack of workout and muscular contraction. Do you know that we offer complimentary massage services at Laurel Springs Retirement? Well, now you do!

“I love getting a relaxing facial! Makes me feel brand new!”

A facial in the spa provides cosmetic therapy of the face. It involves a multiplicity of skin treatments like exfoliation, peels, steam, extraction, and masks. Not only is it soothing, but an age-defying remedy as well.

The warming and freshening comfort of Jacuzzi baths can transfer your soul to another dimension. A Jacuzzi room that uses colors can further healing not only in the body but also in the mind. Each of these therapeutic colors has a particular wavelength that affects the release of hormones and other organic materials within the body. Try it sometime, and you’ll see the benefit.

This kind of experience can positively enhance senior aging and change one’s mood, feelings, or emotions.

Nursing home life is not for you. You want an active adult living, not assisted living experience for your golden years. As a Senior, you have moved to our community because our concept of senior living and aging gracefully ties in with your idea of having a happy and healthy retirement. This is not adult day care, it’s an active adult living experience in a vibrant community of peers and caring staff who want to maximize the fun and enjoyment of being a senior at Oklahoma.
Retirement homes should be a blessing to you and inspire you to live a full and healthy happy life. That’s what we are all about here at Laurel Springs Retirement.
Our senior housing is constructed by Oklahoma’s premier construction and home builder, Ron Walters Homes and you’ll notice the difference when comparing our community to the conventional ‘apartment’ style senior living communities.

More room, privacy, great grounds, and facility amenities.

You’ll enjoy the ‘seniors helping seniors’ peer support of having neighbors who enjoy the same ideas on healthy and happy aging that you do.
Retirement living is pretty amazing here at Laurel Springs Retirement!

Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available in Oklahoma! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs Retirement, Grace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!

Keeping Your Holiday Poinsettia in Tip Top Shape

Still loving your Poinsettia that you got for the Holidays? Want to keep them around and healthy and colorful for as long as possible?

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Here are a great set up plant care tips that we received from our Realtor® friends of Laurel Springs Retirement from the National Association of Realtors®!

Poinsettia is the brilliant Christmas plant that, with a little love, will bloom long after the ho-ho-hos have faded.

And if you want it to re-bloom for next year, we’ve got tips for that, too (but fair warning: that’s a lot harder to do). Here’s how to care for poinsettias during the season (and beyond):

First, Buy a Healthy Poinsettia

Inspect poinsettias carefully before you buy a plant. A healthy plant looks like this:

  • Dark green foliage before color develops.
  • Bracts (colored leaves) completely colored without green perimeters.
  • Lush and filled with leaves, not yellow and sparsely covered.
  • Balanced from all sides.
  • Displayed naked without plastic sleeves that can cause plants to droop. Cover the plant only when transporting in temperatures below 50 degrees.
  • 2.5 times taller than its diameter.

Be Careful Taking It Home (Poinsettias Hate Cold)

Poinsettias originated in Mexico and don’t like the cold, even for a few minutes. So make sure you wrap the plant before driving it home, and then keep it away from hot and cold drafts, such as heating registers and drafty windows, which can make leaves drop.

Follow These 4 Tips to Care for Poinsettias at Home

1. Display your poinsettia in indirect light for about 6 hours per day.

2. High temperatures will shorten the poinsettia’s life. Keep room temperatures at 60 to 70 degrees during the day; around 55 degrees in the evening. You might have to move the plant around to expose it to optimal temperatures, like keeping it in the kitchen by day and in the mudroom by night.

3. Water when the soil is dry to the touch. If you keep the plant in foil, puncture the bottom to allow water to drain and prevent root rot. Empty drip trays after watering. Be careful not to over-water, which can cause wilting and leaf loss.

4. Feed blooming poinsettias every 2 to 3 weeks with a water-soluble plant food; water monthly after blooming.

Follow These Steps to Make It Re-Bloom

Coaxing a poinsettia to re-bloom each year is an exhausting process. Each month from January to December you have to snip or repot; move to the dark or move to the light; water or not water — you’ll get a migraine just thinking about it.

Since a new 6-inch poinsettia costs a ten-spot, you’re better off buying a new crop each year and spending your time and energy on other gardening delights.

But if you’re a waste-not person, here’s a look at what you can do to coax your poinsettia to bloom again next year.

January-May: Give your plant plenty of sun and enough water to stay moist, but not soggy. Fertilize every 2 weeks. In early April, prune to 6-8 inches tall.

June: Repot with fresh soil and move your poinsettia outdoors where it can get 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. Fertilize weekly until early fall. If you put the plant on a patio, give it shade during the hottest part of the day. If you place the pot in a flower garden, lift and turn it weekly so roots don’t grow into the ground and become shocked when you return the plant indoors in September.

Late July: Pinch off the top of the plant and 2-3 leaves on each stem to prevent the poinsettia from getting leggy.

September: Bring the poinsettia indoors when nighttime temperatures fall into the 50s. Place in a sunny window, and water when dry to the touch. Fertilize weekly.

October 1 to Thanksgiving: To force the bracts to color, the plant must be kept in uninterrupted darkness from 5 p.m. to about 8 a.m., and then returned to bright sun for the rest of the day. There should be a 7-10-degree difference between the dark and light environments: optimally, 65-70 degrees at night, and 70-80 degrees in the day. Fertilize weekly.

Thanksgiving: When the bracts begin to color, suspend the dark-light routine, and keep the plant moist and in a sunny spot for 6-8 hours daily. After full color has been achieved (congratulations!), stop fertilizing and move the poinsettia to wherever it will be admired most.

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Oklahoma Senior Health | Take Action Today!

Oklahoma Senior Health
Know Your Concerns and Take Action to Improve Your Health

Living a long life is a good thing as long as you have good Senior health. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time enjoying their life, family, kids, and grandkids?

​Oklahoma Senior Health – What’s the Best Course of Action to Succeed in Aging in Good Health?
Oklahoma Senior Health

Living a Long Life Means Taking Control of Your Life and Actions

If you want to live a long life, you’ll want to take care of your health and also be aware of aging health conditions. With proper guidance from health professionals and your physician, you should be able to maximize those golden years and live a long and happy life.

The Main Concerns That Affect Senior Health

So what are the main concerns on your health that you need to pay attention to in achieving good health as you age?

Obviously, avoiding habits like smoking, getting your with under control and focusing on being physically active all play a big part in the success of living and long and healthy life.
It is possible to have excellent health in your 60s and beyond, but you have to be proactive and take charge of your health habits.

Suggestions for Maximizing Your Senior Health

Here are some suggestions on areas of focus if you are serious about achieving and maintaining a healthy senior lifestyle.

  • Heart Disease – Did you know that 37 percent of men and 27 percent of women who are 65 and older can have heart and cardiovascular issues? The accompanying concerns of high blood pressure and dietary factors like high cholesterol play a big part in this being a serious watchpoint for seniors. Focus on exercise (easy to do here at Laurel Springs Retirement) and healthy eating habits. Keep in touch with your doctor and use the wellness benefits of Medicare and your health professionals to maintain good health when it comes to your precious heart.
  • Bone Density and Osteoporosis – You don’t want to lose your mobility and ability to get around the world and visit your friends and family. Low bone mass can create serious problems! Fractures, bone breakage, loss of movement and mobility all can accelerate an already fragile senior health issue into the critical stage. Diet and proper medical advice and medication can greatly help here!
  • Diabetes – Did you know that 25 percent of seniors can face problems with diabetes? Ask your physician, exercise advisors, and health professionals to set you up with good diet plans and medical programs that can avoid serious blood sugar and diabetes problems.
  • Balance and Fall Dangers – Falling has been the downfall (no pun intended) of many seniors. In later life, the most critical lifestyle incident can be the unexpected trip or fall. Most falls occur in your personal residence. Think of the areas in your home that would cause this to be a problem…slippery bathroom areas, rugs, furniture.

​Oklahoma Senior Health and Lifestyle | Good Tips to Make Your Golden Years Truly Golden

Engage in healthy exercise and be attentive to your diet. Access your health benefits, providers and doctors to keep you abreast of the best preventive treatments for keeping your health in optimum status as you get older.
Getting older is not a health decline that you have to surrender yourself to these days. Keep your options open and keep your spirits up. You’ll be more likely to achieve good senior health and a long life to enjoy with friends and family.

Living at Laurel Springs Retirement can be a blessing, but it’s really important to stop and take note of any health concerns you have. Our staff is trained in provided lifestyle help and advice and we offer lots of exercise activities and social connections for our active adult residents. Contact us and we can discuss any lifestyle enhancements that you want to explore so that you can enjoy living in our wonderful community!

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