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At Laurel Springs Mustang, we focus on making sure our active adult living residents are happy and healthy and enjoying life to the fullest. What makes Laurel Springs in Mustang, Oklahoma a top choice for those who choose to make their new home here with us? Maintenance-free living, social activities, and private homes create a lifestyle that seniors enjoy and make for a community where they can flourish. Senior lifestyle exercise is an important part of our active adult living community focus here at Laurel Springs Retirement.

Senior Exercise Laurel Springs

We encourage our Laurel Springs Mustang family to enjoy new friends, new fun and especially physical activity. Life is better when you are able to get up and enjoy your life without holding back because you fear mobility issues.

Whether you are retired or just wanting to take advantage of a quality 55+ community, at Laurel Springs our focus is on making sure that your life with us is the best it can be.

At Laurel Springs Mustang, we have wonderful walking trails and indoor fitness equipment for you when those Oklahoma days are a bit too windy for a walk. Speaking of walking, we highly encourage our Laurel Springs Family to start a healthy habit like walking.

If you are interested in leveraging the walking trails, fitness gym, and our community activities to enhance Senior lifestyle exercise opportunities, then you’ll want to do some research on what time of day is best for walking and exercise.

Love Walking? What’s the best time of day to Walk and Exercise?

When you are planning out your walking routine, you might wonder if there is the best time of day to take a walk.

From a calories-burned point of view, there isn’t one time of day better than the other to walk. However, there are more considerations than burning calories that may influence when you walk; some bodily functions, and especially the habit of walking, respond better based on the time of day you walk.

The time of day for walks that are best for Senior lifestyle exercise is broken down into four periods throughout the day:

  • Morning Walks
  • Noon Walks
  • Afternoon Walks
  • Evening Walks

Morning Walking:

A morning walk has several advantages, such as sharpening your mental acuity and revving up your metabolism that will carry through for the rest of the day. So while you don’t burn any more calories by exercising in the morning, you will end up burning more throughout the day by going for morning walks.

The healthy lifestyle improvements that you could experience include improvement in your blood pressure, walking your dog with you, positive mental health and mood boost, walking to improve balance and prevent falls, avoiding some issues of heart disease, and feeling good about establishing a healthy daily routine for yourself.

Noon Walking:

A Noon walk, usually done at work, exercising during your lunch break before eating the healthy lunch you brought from home, reduces stress, curbs hunger and improves blood flow so you can maintain your sharpness throughout the afternoon. If you’re retired here at Laurel Springs then you probably won’t find this time period a problem to work into your daily activities.

Afternoon Walking:

Studies have shown that exercising between 3 pm and 7 pm is the best time to build endurance and muscle. Increasing your endurance not only allows you to walk farther but faster before you’ll get tired.

Building muscle gives your body better definition, tones the muscles you already have along with increasing their size. Larger muscles mean more calories burned per day, but don’t worry, you won’t build enough to give you that bulked look.

The only conflict you might find is that Laurel Springs has many of our social events occurring during this time period. Check with our Social Director, Mary Harris, to make sure you won’t miss the chance for a great afternoon walk and participating in our wonderful community activities.

Evening Walking:

Exercising in the evening is a good way to reduce stress from a day of work. This time of day can be easier for some people as their muscles are already warm and flexible from the day’s activities. For many people, this perceived reduction of effort required makes exercising more enjoyable than during other times of the day.

A big advantage to evening walking is being able to stop by our clubhouse before or after and still participate in social fun. Sunsets are also wonderful at Laurel Springs Mustang.


Some people end up not exercising because they can’t find a 30-minute block of time each day to devote to it. However walking time is cumulative – for example, you get the same benefits from walking 10 minutes three times per day as you do once for 30 minutes. So if “chunking” works better for you, then walk according to that plan.

Experts agree that it isn’t the time of day you exercise that is important, but to do it when it best fits into your schedule. As with all senior lifestyle exercise plans, consistency counts, so if you can find a time of day when you can routinely walk, you’ll start to see results sooner and derive more benefits from walking. Staying active is what’s the most important thing to focus on with any exercise program.

Thinking that walking could be a great exercise and pastime for you here at Laurel Springs Mustang? Come by our clubhouse, visit with our staff and get familiar with our walking trails here at Laurel Springs Mustang. We provide the facilities and trails to make cardio walking activity a part of your daily health plan, now it’s just up to you to make it happen!

What are some additional exercise activities you might want to research here at Laurel Springs?

We keep our residents fully booked with fun and informative social activities, happy hours, day trips, potluck dinner socials, and concerts. It’s important to come by the clubhouse and let our Social Director know about your interest in activities for your community. We are always open to hearing about your interests and would love to structure our social calendar around suggestions from our residents on things of interest to do.

Downsizing from your home and transitioning to a senior community can be very overwhelming. Do you want to downsize and have less maintenance? Have you experienced a physical decline? No matter your reason, we have the resources and staff to make your move easier.

We partner with local business owners who are as dedicated to our customers as we are. Some of our business partners include senior move specialists, real estate professionals, and financial consultants.

Senior Move Specialists – Years of accumulation have made the idea of moving and downsizing a hurdle that holds many back. Our senior move partners help you clean out closets and attics, eliminate items, identify what to keep, then help you pack and move to your new home.

Real Estate Professionals – If you need a realtor to help you sell your existing home, we partner with realtors who are certified as a Senior Real Estate Specialist. This allows our clients to have an extra communication link with between the realtor, their future home and themselves.

Financial Consultants – Financial consultants can help you identify when is the right time to make a move to a senior community as well as what is affordable for you. We have the resource partners to assist you. As well, take a look at the attached affordability table to help you establish the costs of living in your own home versus living in the Grace Pointe Community.

Our friendly staff is here to help, contact us today to start identifying your next steps in this process at (405) 265-3301.

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