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Oklahoma Retirement | Moving To Laurel Springs

Are you thinking of moving to a retirement community in Oklahoma?
Have you seen Laurel Springs?

Have you seen the many new choices for Active Adult Seniors in the Oklahoma area? New and innovative communities for active adults like Grace Pointe Living, Laurel Springs Retirement and Mon Abri in Edmond are showcasing the latest and best ideas for Seniors to have a happy Golden Years experience in their retirement.

Laurel Springs Home Page
Moving to a retirement community is often a difficult choice for seniors and their families. Many of the issues that complicate the move to a retirement facility consist of misinformation and confusion about the nature of ‘retirement’ and lifestyle choices in retirement communities.

Many times, the focus is on what is being left behind rather than the advantages of the community and what is going to be experienced in the future. It’s critical to keep a future focus when you make your retirement decisions.

“But by looking only at what might be lost, all to be gained is often overshadowed.”

When you find a superb retirement community like Laurel Springs Retirement, you’ll see the advantages. Both seniors and their families will appreciate the fellowship, housing choices and community ‘vibe’ at quality communities like Laurel Springs.

When you are in a forward thinking quality community, you’ll enjoy a great active social life, activities that focus on your health and well-being and the ability to live in a home that is not an apartment. You’ll appreciate the Laurel Springs Retirement community ‘neighborhood’!

“Best Decision I Ever Made Choosing This Kind of Open Concept Active Adult Living Community!”

The luxury homes at Laurel Springs are situated in duplex, triplex, and quad-plex variations. Each home offers luxury features including, slate tile, hard wood floors, stainless appliances and more. Maintenance free living isn’t just the yard, we do everything from fixing your ice maker to changing your light bulbs.

Additional amenities include complimentary internet and cable, concierge services, onsite massage facilities, to the door food delivery, to the door dry-cleaning, social activities, clubhouse, and a lot more. Laurel Springs residents love LIVING life instead of spending needless time MANAGING life.

Staff is available Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm, with weekend tours available by appointment. Contact us today for more information.

Contact Us Today for information on this wonderful new Active Adult Living Community!

Decorating for Fall | Marvelous Mums!

Marvelous Mums for Fall | Oklahoma Home Decorating Tips

Marvelous Mums

So you’ve decided to make the move to Laurel Springs Retirement? Great! Make sure to personalize and decorate your new ‘Golden Years’ home for the season with beautiful Mums!
Here’s some great tips on maximize the use and enjoyment of the ever popular plant, Mums!

Mums are an essential part of fall gardening, but before they became popular for use as an autumn decoration, they were believed to possess a healing quality in their native Asian cultures. An ancient Chinese remedy for a headache requires boiling the roots, and petals and leaves were even enjoyed in salads.

Walk this way. 
Breathe life into a walkway or entryway by lining it with colorful mums. Mum plants are at their peak in September and October, and come in a variety of gorgeous fall colors, like gold, red, and orange, so choose one, or mix and match for a festive appearance.

Get centered. 
Because mums come in a handful of different shapes and sizes, you can use them both indoors and out. Try incorporating a few pompons (short clusters) or decorative (long pointed petals) varieties into a festive fall centerpiece.

Give a gift. 
Mums make for a wonderful addition to any fall flower bouquet! Mix and match colorful mums into any arrangement to give as a party favor, birthday gift, and more. Or, if you’re throwing a fall-themed get together, consider gifting every guest their own mum plant to take home.

No matter how you choose to use mums this season, just make sure you make the most of these colorful blooms!

Contact us for information and free tours of the best new Active Adult Living Community in Oklahoma!

Oklahoma Senior Health | Tips to Prevent Sun Damage

Oklahoma Seniors need to be aware of the cumulative damage that UV rays cause to their skin. You skin needs to be cared for and maintained for good health and especially to minimize the occurrence of skin cancer. Oklahoma Senior health is something that requires your attention!
Oklahoma Senior Health Sun Damage
We all know that sunscreen has been widely recommended for reducing sun damage to the skin, but are there any other tactics you can use to avoid sun damage?
Here are a few tips that we picked up from Prevention Magazine and it would pay to take note of their recommendations.

Oklahoma Senior Health Tips

  • Heliocare Supplements – It’s not exactly a “sunscreen pill,” but taking a supplement called Heliocare (Buy now: $23, before heading to the beach might reduce your skin’s reactions to UVB rays (the kind that make you burn). It contains polypodium leucotomos extract (PLE)—a substance from fern trees—and there’s some decent research to back it up, says Friedman. It seems to work by helping the DNA in your skin resist the kinds of sun damage-triggered changes that allow cancerous cells to form.
  • Stay Away from Windows When Sitting for Long Periods of Time – Windows in your home and car don’t necessarily block UV light like you might think. To protect yourself, you don’t have to hole up in a dark basement; just don’t lounge in direct light shining through your windows or skylights in the middle of the day. And if you drive all the time, consider a UV filter for your driver’s-side window. It can help.
  • Love a Sip of Wine? Great, But Go Easy – Studies have found that every daily drink a person swallows increases the risk of melanoma by 14 percent, and white wine in particular seemed to be troublesome. The authors believe that alcohol may somehow interfere with the DNA-repair process in your skin.
  • Love Coffee? Great! Drink More! – Several studies have linked daily coffee consumption with lower rates of non-melanoma skin cancer. And the more of the stuff a woman drinks, the more her skin cancer risks fall, per a 2007 study in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention. The authors say caffeine may block the kind of “DNA synthesis and cell division” that leads to skin cancer development.
  • Check Out B3 Vitamins – Nicotinamide, a rarer form of B3, seems to work by bolstering DNA repair after sun damage, and it’s generally safe. But talk to your doctor before taking this (or any) supplement to make sure it’s OK for you to try.
Hope these tips are of value to you. Oklahoma senior health is important and the more you take charge of your own health and habits, the better your chances for living healthy in your ‘Golden Years’!
Originally Published at Prevention Magazine
Read More HERE

Oklahoma Seniors | Let Us Help You Live The Golden Years Life!

Remember to visit and review all the new features, activities and opportunities to experience superb 50+ Active Adult Living in Oklahoma. Grace Pointe Living, Mon Abri, and Laurel Springs Retirement offer the newest and most innovative concepts in Senior Active Adult Living. Contact Us for Tours, Information and Availability of Active Adult Living homes in these new and exciting communities.

Why 60+ May Be The Best Age Ever | Oklahoma Seniors

Thinking Over 60 Is Not The Best Age To Be For Oklahoma Seniors?

Here’s a great article we’d like to share about how being over 60 could be the best ever for Oklahoma Seniors!

Over 60 The Best Years

Using interviews with men and women across Britain, Guardian reporter Amelia Hill discovered a common theme for the article: Even if you don’t make a specific plan for what you will do in retirement, you are likely to be happy in whatever you choose. She notes the choice is personal and the source of joy is far-reaching, from volunteering to playing with grandchildren to swimming daily in the ocean.

Research about happiness and aging shows that older adults generally are happier than their younger counterparts, and retirement is likely to improve your happiness and health. Moreover, that effect is immediate and long-lasting.

The Guardian interviewed Caroline Lodge, co-author of the book The New Age of Ageing: How Society Needs to Change, which followed more than 50 people age 50 to 90.

“Most of our interviewees are amazed by the fact that they are enjoying life and that they feel young and normal, sometimes into their 90s,” Lodge told The Guardian.

Much of this joie de vivre seems to come from something that many of us have enjoyed as we’ve grown older: A sense of self-confidence based on our years of experience.

“It’s the loss of angst about what people think of you: the size of your bum or whether others are judging you correctly. It’s not an arrogance, but you know who you are when you’re older and all those roles you played to fit in when you were younger are irrelevant,” said 69-year-old Monica Hartwell in The Guardian. “That makes one more courageous.”

Originally Published at

Contact Us for Lifestyle Information about Laurel Springs Retirement in Mustang Oklahoma!

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Oklahoma Seniors | Laurel Springs Retirement

Oklahoma Seniors in Mustang Oklahoma are in luck!

Oklahoma Seniors

Oklahoma Seniors can rejoice! Mustang Oklahoma will be home to the latest in the series of superb Oklahoma Senior Independent Living opportunities!

Laurel Springs Retirement is now open to Oklahoma Seniors for new homes in lovely Mustang, OK!

Laurel Springs Retirement in Mustang Oklahoma

Laurel Springs Retirement has broken ground and resident homes are already being leased! Oklahoma Seniors who appreciate the care-free retirement living already exhibited at popular Grace Pointe Living in Moore Oklahoma and Mon Abri in Edmond Oklahoma, will be excited and smart to make a move into living at Laurel Springs Retirement!

“Life Became Such a Breeze When I Moved Into Mon Abri…”

One of the most popular comments we see from current and prospective residents of our amazing 50+ Active Adult Living communities is the ability to have their own home, not a room or apartment and have a lifestyle that allows for fellowship and fun.

Oklahoma seniors want ‘active independent living’! We give the members of our active adult Oklahoma Seniors communities the privacy and feeling of having a home.

That’s what Grace Pointe Living, Mon Abri and now Laurel Springs Retirement offers to smart Oklahoma Seniors who choose to make the move into the innovative Active Adult Living environment of Grace Pointe Living, Mon Abri and now Laurel Springs Retirement!

Check out the great features and amenities of Laurel Springs Retirement!

Need more information about Laurel Springs Retirement for Oklahoma Seniors?

Contact us and let us help you get into the Laurel Springs Lifestyle while you still have time to secure the best homes! We already have leased several Laurel Springs Retirement resident homes so you don’t want to miss out on having first choice on your desired Active Adult Living upscale home! You’ll want maximum flexibility in choosing your location, floor plan and number of bedrooms!

These are luxury homes for Oklahoma Seniors who desire nothing but the best. They include a community and social environment that enhances quality of life and fellowship.

The luxury homes at Laurel Springs Retirement are situated in duplex, triplex, and quad-plex variations. Each home offers luxury features including, slate tile, hard wood floors, stainless appliances and more. Maintenance free living isn’t just the yard, we do everything from fixing your ice maker to changing your light bulbs. Life is truly a breeze at Laurel Springs Retirement!

Oklahoma Seniors will be thrilled with Laurel Springs Retirement!

Visit our website to learn more, call us at (405) 265-3301 or email us at for all the details! Contact us now while you still have the best choice of housing at Laurel Springs Retirement!

Laurel Springs Retirement Living
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